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  • Day1

    From Glasgow to Cyprus

    May 2, 2018 in Cyprus ⋅ 🌬 81 °F

    From Glasgow to Cyprus. A leisurely start as we weren't due at the airport till 11:30 just in time to have lunch before our early afternoon flight. Of course it didn't quite work like that, there was a huge holdup at the Clyde tunnel....but we were only a few minutes behind schedule, Paddy leans more to the TFE school of travel. Everyone else was at the airport when we arrived and we only needed to do bagdrop as we were already checked in. However, Thos Cook Airlines couldn't organise the proverbial booze up and so they didn't separate the bag droppers from the checking in crowd and that meant it took almost an hour to put our bags in!

    I was worried that the security would take just as long but actually that was a breeze. So we were soon settled in for lunch and a catch up. It didn't seem like long before our flight was called and we loaded onto our shiny new plane. This included the most space saving seats I have ever seen and no leg room. This was my first "holiday" flight for some years.... So the people loading up included an admiral and someone modelling "Top" Gun" style whites. There was one hen party, one stag party and a couple getting married on Cyprus, who were still resolutely doing hand luggage only so they had two suitcases and a huge box with a wedding dress in it all to be stashed in the overhead lockers.
    Up up and away and the drinks service came round... It was soon after that the volume from the back of the plane, where the stag party was, increased somewhat. I did wonder at one point if we were going to be in one of those newspaper stories about drunken escapades but fortunately it never quite got to that level. We were fortunate (?) enough to have a meal provided on the 5 hr flight... The tiniest portion of sausage and mash you have ever seen James Martin should be ashamed, it was like a poor school dinner.

    Eventually we arrived in Cyprus after a slightly bumpy flight and efficiently whizzed through the airport and onto our coach, despite a doing a couple of drop offs on the way we were at our hotel by about midnight local time. A quick stare at my big clean room and to bed.
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