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  • Day4

    Cape and Paphos ArchaeologicalPark

    May 5, 2018 in Cyprus ⋅ ⛅ 75 °F

    So today we headed back out towards Polis but at Pegia we turned off for the Agios Georgios Basilica. This was right out on the coast and was a late Roman /early Byzantine site. Still had some nice mosaics left and what looks like a baptismal pool...that drained the water into a Roman tomb! There were ancient rock cut tombs too according to the map but they were far down towards the road. Some interesting pot sherds left in the path rubble too.

    After wandering around this we headed back to Paphos for lunch, followed by a look at the archaeological Park. Lunch was good: a big avocado salad in a cafe by the sea. Danny did get twitchy though when the slightly harried waitstaff were a bit slow in coming to take our orders.

    After lunch we thought we would have a quick look at the archaeological Park before heading back to the hotel and pool. It rapidly became apparent that the site was enormous and an hour was going to do it no justice. This site was the chief city up until 3rd C CE when it was damaged by earthquakes and replaced by Salamis in the North. Still we walked around and looked at various beautifully preserved mosaics. First of these were at the house of Aion which had a 4th C roman mosaic made of five panels. The house of Dionysius had even more beautiful mosaics including an ancient hellenistic one made of pebbles showing Scylla. We failed to do the site justice in the limited time we allowed and so we plan to return on Wednesday as we can get here without a car.

    Back to the hotel for some reading and swimming time. Also a mohito by the pool...

    Then dinner, I had done some research on the best places to eat nearby and we ended up in Suite48. Unfortunately the music here was a bit loud byt the staff turned it down on request... But sadly one of the staff members kept going back and putting the volume back up which irritated a couple of people. Fortunately the food was good so that was some compensation.
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