• Day6

    Leaving Calheiros

    June 5, 2018 in Portugal ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    In the morning the rain wasn't bouncing on the roof but the clouds were low and there was a slow persistent drizzle. We headed to breakfast, where a few of the Italians were finishing up and the delights included a large quantity of strawberries. We had a last fix of the Count's fresh orange juice and it looked like being a solitary breakfast as the Italians departed for their trip to Vigo. But the Moseleyites and the count appeared (himself only briefly as he was leading the trip). He kissed us as if we were friends and instructed us to see his son Luis before we left.
    We left the Moseleyites to it but not before Mandy had been entertained by the sight of Geraldine poking bacon into a hole in a roll. We went for a last soggy walk around the estate to get a souvenir lemon and have a last look at the deer. We saw more of them today including a pregnant female and some fawns.
    Back to wait for the taxi, Luis appeared with a brochure about the place and a little water colour postcard signed by the count.
    Our taxi came and we headed through the rain to Porto.
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