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  • Day63

    Day 62: Vega de Sariego - Oviedo

    October 14, 2016 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 13 °C

    Distance: 23 + 5 by car (1580.8/312.7)
    Weather: 22C, abundant sunshine
    Mood: loved and spoilt
    Staying at: Hotel & Spa Princesa Munia

    Let de classic begin!

    Yesterday night I fell asleep slightly overheated due to stress over bedbug panic. Martijn from Belgium was sure he'd seen bedbug traces and so all four of us felt slightly stressed as Mieke also from Belgium read out all you need to know about bedbugs. I was a bit affected by this as I'd already heard three stories of people who had had bedbugs and its no joy...
    Luckily, sofar so good and this morning I got up before dawn and walked towards Oviedo, my last stop on the Camino de Norte. I drank coffee in the last town before Oviedo and intended to take the train there to avoid the walk along the main roads, but a lovely man named Jesus in the bar offered me a lift in his coche.
    Here I checked into a way too luxurious and way too expensive hotel with a large double bed, lots of towels and a bubble bath... I wanted to treat myself one more time before the mountains and the promise of a primitive way.
    The camino primitivo is the first ever camino and I really feel the Spanish regard it as a bit more special than the rest. It's rather mountainous, but I feel strong and ready for a change and a challenge!
    I had lots of time, so I wandered the streets of Oviedo and bought some new outdoor gear and a new credencial. What a wonderful city and what a spoilt and happy girl I am. Can't wait for the beaty that awaits tomorrow!
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    Mr Justinas

    Too good to be true.. enjoy!

    E Park

    What amazing memories each stamp must hold...xx