• Day71

    Day 70: Fonsagrada - Castroverde

    October 22, 2016 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 14 °C

    Distance: 32.3 (1745.8/122.4)
    Weather: 16C, Mostly cloudy, Drizzle at times
    Mood: buzzing
    Staying at: Castroverde Pilgrims Hostel

    Ten weeks today!!! I was going to write something rather philosophical about how hills can work amazing to process emotions, but my thoughts were distracted by bedbugs again. I know, AGAIN! Yesterday I was pretty chilled about it, for all my clothes washed and dried and my backpack sprayed and sprinkled tea tree oil everywhere.
    I only had two vague bites and one of the older women in the hostel said she didn't think they were from bbs. It's funny how everyone is suddenly an expert when these things happen. I'd read up on these nasty little monsters and was pretty sure I recognised the bites.
    However, this afternoon I felt some new itchy bites and I think one of them just really liked the taste of my blood or wanted to travel to Castroverde... So, after arriving late I got absolutely everything that bbs could reside in (incl. my kindle cover and washbag), stripped down to my undies and raincoat and repeated the washing-drying ritual. While this was going own I walked around in my raincoat and ate my dinner and just laughed about it with my pilgrim family (it's really the same little group now every night, mainly spanish).
    And now, I'm lying all tea tree ed oiled in my bed, pretty exhausted and I really really hope this was the last of them... A day in the life of a pilgrim ☺️
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    Maaike Veenbrink

    Ik hoop ook voor je dat je er nu vanaf bent, kleine rotzakjes!!