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  • Dec11


    December 11, 2018 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    I've had a flying to Singapore visit to meet my good friend, Marla, which also conveniently breaks up the long journey to Australia. Having spent a couple of weeks with Marla in Singapore before there were not many tourist things I wanted to do. So instead we went to the gym and did a couple of her classes that I also do at home. We used to attempt to work out on the boat together so this was taking our efforts up a level! After that we felt quite righteous and took a bag of beers and a picnic to the beach. Unfortunately after only about 30 minutes of glorious sunshine a heavy storm passed over, and kept us huddled underneath an umbrella for about two hours. the rain was torrential and the lightning was frequently right by us. We had all we needed in the picnic, but the desire for a toilet was increasing as we sank more beers! Finally when the lightening stopped we dashed into the sea and it was warmer than the outside environment so we stayed in it for ages warming up. I left England not to be cold and here I was on a beach in the tropics of the equator with goosebumps! but the difference was I was in a bikini and had some belief that soon I would be warm and see the sun again. Monsoon storms can disappear as quickly as they appear.
    That night we went out for dinner at a large hawker market with a group of Marla's friends and continued to drink beer....a couple of fancy cocktail bars later we ended up in a late night Bollywood dancing venue showing off our talent. It was really good fun and possibly slightly regrettable for those of her friends who had work the next morning! But I have learnt that late night drinking seems to be as much of a culture as late night working is, so they must find the balance right somehow.
    Having got home at 5am we went to bed and I slept until mid afternoon. This left us time to get some food at another hawker market. I had my favourite Indian dish-Dosa, which made me very happy. And we spent the rest of the time begging to plan our time together in February. We now have flights booked to meet in the Phillipines, and a vague idea of where we will go once there.
    Marla dropped me at the airport and now I am super excited to be on my way to the Gold Coast, where Jamie meets me at 8.10am when I land. For the next three weeks I am on a Maclean family holiday. Wooga!
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