• Day57

    Working on our 10,000 hours of surfing

    December 4, 2017 in Ecuador ⋅ 🌙 20 °C

    We continue to have a great time in Ayampe. The hotel (La Buena Vida) does its name full justice and we’re very well looked after here. :-)

    Despite slightly hampered by sickness (a local virus is making the rounds) we manage to go surfing for about 1,5 hours every day - small stepping stones of practice on our little surfing careers :-)

    Today our host Keith took us to a little spot south of Ayampe and for both of us it was the best, challenging surf yet. We both managed to catch unbroken waves without falling off our boards and even get some thumbs up from the other guys in the water. (We all live for approval :-)) Wear and tear on body and clothing is beginning to show, though ;-)

    We also (yesterday) made a little trek into the local jungle on the search for tarantulas, birds and maybe monkeys. While we didn’t find any tarantulas, the mosquitoes found us and we returned with a few more bites. But we’re determined to go back in on our search for those tarantulas...
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