• Day3

    Welcome in weird Asia

    October 27, 2017 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    It was 10:00 in the morning after a 22 hour long trip, so it was like 03:00 at night for us and hell it really felt like that. I was almost hallucinating while picking up my bags but in the same time I was flippin’ happy that we arrived at our first destination. This was also a quite exciting moment, as our bags were transferred for us the whole journey it was the question if they did a proper job. Luckily we saw our bags but there was something missing.. Our raincovers were not around our bags anymore, which is okay because New Zealand (where we will go in June) has no rain.

    The combination of sleep deprivation, hunger, a new city and having no clue where to go is just as good as a cocktail of tequila, jagermeister and more tequila. Eventually we gave up on finding the way on our own and just asked somebody behind a counter. We got some directions, bought public transport cards with some credit and were sent on our way. We were amazed by the simplicity of public transport in Singapore, the tram/train/metro or whatever it is came every couple of minutes and checking in was like stealing babies from candy (fucking easy). The first 10 minutes of the tram/train/metro ride… you know what, they call it the MRT, Metro Ride Thingy, so will I. So the first 10 minutes we were underground and then we emerged above ground and I was totally stoked to see the big skylines, sunny weather, freaking 30 degrees, time to put my beach clothNOOOOO NONONONONO NOOOO XXXXXXXXXXXXXX IT WAS A FUCKING WATERFALL. It was pouring like crazy and of course Malaysia Airlines lost my raincover, it was a warm welcome. Dominique, my girlfriend (in case the stalker didn’t know this), already warned me about this, it’s usual in Singapore to have random heavy rainfalls. And yeah it was totally random, by the time we came back the rain stopped and we could walk to our hostel without ruining our mascara. We were totally wrecked and the moment we arrived at our hostel we decided to rest for a couple of hours… after stuffing our faces with cheap street food. No words can describe how good that was, so I won’t.
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