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  • Day3

    Rise and Shine

    October 27, 2017 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Okay.. I’ve felt better but it’s a start. I definitely wanted to see Singapore so we got our asses out of bed and just starting walking towards the city. We got some delicious cheap Asian food and decided to go to Marina Bay, the place where all the magic is artificial. Once we arrived there I was awed by the skyline full with huge buildings and the presence of the immense Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It looks like a big banana boat on top of three towers and right in front of it is a tulip like building. We stood on the other side of the water and the helix bridge connected both sides. Vaguely in the distance behind the helix bridge we could see the artificial trees. It was so weird to see all kinds of unique structures in one frame, it felt different than the other big cities I've been, Paris, London, Rome, Bangkok etc.

    We went to the artificial trees as there was a light show in the evening. Just to tell you a little about that, the marina bay hotel (banana ship hotel) has on each side of the hotel a light show. One is a water fountain sprinkle light show and the other the artificial tree light show. These shows are definitely meant for the hotel guests, as they have a perfect view on the show and pay a shit load of money for a room. Well we went to see both shows for free. The artificial tree light show was fucking majestic, I would have not been surprised if an unicorn appeared a pooped rainbows in my face. Fucking majestic I say you. The other light show was nice but less impressive as the tree thingy.

    After both shows we went into the city to get some food and experience the big city, but mostly to get some food. The center is occupied with a lot of big buildings, I really had the feeling that they were compensating for the fact that these Asians are really tiny. Well what to tell more? We got the food (cheese prata), were exhausted and went back to our hostel.
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