• Day8

    Da Nang - Day 2

    July 7, 2019 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 37 °C

    For some reason all the atm's near my hotel will only dispense the max equivalent of $17 per transaction. Thats not a typo. Ridiculous. My transaction fees will be about the same as that. So i went in search of a real bank. Also cibc has once again frozen my credit card. With the time difference, i will have to wait until tonight to call them. Apparently i can call them via skype. So today is all about fixing some stuff before it becomes problematic.

    Anyways ended up relatively close to the famous dragon bridge so wandered a bit further to get some shots of it. Apparently fire comes out its mouth sat and sun nights. And what do you know, there's a brewery right across the street from it. The only one in da nang. What can i say, i have a tslent :) Ordered the worst food I've ever had anywhere. Intentionally dried out squid. Was like chewing on bark. Blech.

    Got back from there and headed to beach. Beautiful and no one on it for miles. Crazy hot sunday afternoon and town is full and no one is there. Weird! Water was also warmest I've ever felt. Must have been 95F, no joke. Wasn't even refreshing lol. But pretty wonderful to walk into. I was giggling to myself haha.

    Scribbled on bar in front of me: "don't wait for perfect moment, make the moment become perfect". Speaking of which, that place was the perfect bar with a perfect beer and perfect playlist. Perfect.

    Some fun facts... domestic beer at a bar is a bit more than a dollar. Craft beer, around 4 dollars. Oh i also noticed today that this country has no stop signs. Everything is implied yield from what i can tell.
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