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  • Day7

    Da Nang - Day 1

    July 6, 2019 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 35 °C

    For some reason we all had to get up at 5am. My back was aching from second night on hard floor, so why not. There was some sort of buddhist ceremony in the shrineroom and then everyone headed to the groom's house again. More food and beer to no end.

    Poor Catherine. This morning she had to explain to a few people that she is not in my entourage as a hired translator and that she is good friends with the bride. Haha

    People were getting more comfortable with me and wherever i walked in the room of banquet tables, everyone would smile and wave or shake my hand. I'm going to miss this, i think haha. Lots would now walk up to me and put an arm around my neck or back or hug me. And as lunch progressed, the beer challenges increased. But it was all in the most genuine, warm, flattering way of course. Still, thats a lot of beer.

    As i suspected, the requests for me to sing kicked up again but this time i was ready! I declined a few times until i had just the right amount of beer in me and shocked them by agreeing to sing a song. I got up on stage and did my best version of Patience by Guns N Roses haha. Its really hard to carry a song properly without background music plus nervousness. Anyways, the groom profusely thanked me. And i exchanged numbers with tons of people who want to keep in touch. One guy lives in Hanoi, so i will be looking him up when i get there for sure.

    Then back to the bride's house where they all told me again i have to return some day. The young boys asked me in the morning if they could take me up a nearby mountain after the wedding to show me the views but i had to decline with my flight schedule. My ride eventually appeared and i was off to airport to fly to Da Nang, a beach town.

    Da Nang is really touristy. Lots of Russians everywhere and the pub next to my beach hotel was full of rowdy Aussies. It was hard to remember i was still in Vietnam. Too spoiled by that Dak Lak experience! For a little while i enjoyed being quiet and invisible in da nang but not long after that, i missed all my new friends and family from dak lak.
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