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  • Day5


    January 18, 2020 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    The temperatures here are ridiculous. 35C at 9am.. and rising fast! Decided a beach day was in order and headed to the closest beach about an hour away to a verrrrry aptly named town called "playas" which translates to "beaches". Surely it had sun and sand!

    Had an awesome day kicking back in my lounging chair and hopping over some pretty big waves. There were no surfers here, so am excited to see what kind of waves world-renowned surf towns montanita and olon have in store. I will hopefully find out in the coming days.

    Feasted on some delicious ceviche. I had an amazing stew type shrimp and crab ceviche in quito that was perhaps the best thing i have ever tasted. This one was shrimp and octopus. More soupy and far less creamy, but very yummy too. I am not sure why ceviche back home is so different, all i know is we are doing it wrong! Really wrong. I might eat this everyday :)
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