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  • Day95

    Luderitz, Namibia

    April 8, 2014 in Namibia ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    The weather was sunny with clear skies and 22C initially but rising to 28C. A curious town, caught between the sea and the Namib desert. Has the appearance of a frontier town in a battle to keep the desert at bay. Colonised by the Germans, many of the houses were constructed during the early part of the twentieth century when diamond mining was active. We paid £3 for the both of us to visit the old home of Hans Goerke, a diamond mine manager. There were some very nice Art Deco touches and stained glass. There were other houses, painted in various colours and an interesting church, the Felsenkirche. We managed to walk along a tarmac road but this ran out and we ended up walking on a sandy, dusty track. From the church, we saw the modern Nest Hotel and we decided to walk there, a long, dusty journey. However, the hotel was a revelation. We spent three hours drinking beer and eating a lovely lunch and afternoon tea. We then walked the dusty track back to the tender and the ship, but by this stage, it was cooler and there was a refreshing breeze, but this did whip up the sand and the dust.Read more