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  • Day491

    Hong Kong

    September 2, 2018 in Hong Kong ⋅ 🌙 27 °C

    Guess what, weather cleared this morning and the sun came out, beautiful, on the day I go home😭😭decided to get the gondola up to the big Buddha and Monastery, seeing it leaves from Tung Chung where I was staying. Wouldn’t have seen a thing the last couple of days! Great views over Lantau and the airport, plus the bush and outlying areas. Good decision, took 25 mins in the gondola and I had it all to myself (no coughing or hoiking? Chinese) it certainly helped fill in time. Been to big Buddha before but not on that gondola so somewhere different. 25 mins back with five young Indians on a business trip, fascinating youngsters, they worked for Dell and were in HK for 2 weeks. Now in Cathay lounge at airport waiting for my plane home. Not looking forward to the trip but looking forward to seeing everyone and just being home🤗🤗🤗love the food in the lounge, beats eating on the plane. Sleeping pill and out to the count!!!😴😴😴Read more