• Day17

    Driving Down Utah

    September 17, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

    Today was a journey day. You know, when you leave one place and spend a day or more travelling to another. This morning, it was farewell to Salt Lake City and hello to the open road. Cue Willie Nelson.

    The first thing was to return to the car rental place at the airport and do the walk of shame. When describing the events of two days ago, my voice gave out at one point and I couldn't say anything. The words didn't want to come. But they were very good about it. They gave me a nice red Chevy Cruze and we were off to drive the interstate. Today we would drive down the length of Utah and bunk in at Cedar City for the night. And this for one reason only: Bryce Canyon.

    My friends will be pleased to know that we had a smooth, comfortable, uneventful and enjoyable drive.
    Now as you all know, a road trip is nothing without music and singing. We took it in turns for half hour slots for music. I chose things that I haven't heard in ages, like Paul McCartney's Monkberry Moon Delight and Dear Boy off The Ram album, California Blue by Roy Orbison, You Win Again by the Bee Gees, California Dreaming and Creek Alley by the Mamas and the Papas, My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion and La Riviere by Frida Boccara. Yes I did throw in one classical; Chopin's Ballade No 1 in G Minor. I also chose Soon We'll Be Found by Sia, because Chris played her Chandelier. Oh, and I also played Love by Lana Del Rey. Along with Chris' choices, the music was awesome. Some songs made me cry, what with the musicianship and the memories. Wiping tears away while you're driving down Interstate 15 is probably something only older people will understand.

    We were greeted at our Best Western Cedar City by young Aubree at the desk. We have just written to her boss to let him/her know that Aubree's welcome, warmth and helpful tips as well as her sunny disposition has been the best since we look landed in the United States. Hats off to Aubree.

    We freshened up and took Highway 14 through the canyon lands on our way to Bryce Canyon. These are amazing themselves. You really feel you are driving the bottom of a vast canyon system. Just wonderful.

    We arrived at Bryce as the sun was getting low in the sky. First, we stopped at Red Canyon where the rocks are red and the geology looks like it is from Mars. From there we paid our park fee and headed into Bryce. We only had time for the amphitheatre part of the canyon. It opens out before you, a vast landscape. Below in the depths you see red and white hoodoos, the tall spires that crop up out of these amazing places. We waited for the sun to get so low that most of tops of the canyon walls were no longer being bleached and this is when the magic happens. With the shadows come the real colours. The red of this predominantly limestone is mesmerising. Bryce is another world. In the winter, it is covered in snow. I feel very lucky to have seen such a sight. Chris and I will never forget it.

    On the one and a half hour journey back to Cedar City in the dark, Chris played quite a few songs by Lykke Li and after my Bryce experience, I just had to listen to a full piano concerto, something that could stand up to a sight like that. I chose the Schumann in A Minor played by that Argentinian fiend, the incredible Martha Argerich. A great day. An unforgettable evening. Till next.
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