• Day33


    September 9, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    I visited 3 champagne facilities. These pictures are from the caves of Pommery and Taittinger. The third was de Moiselle. I liked their champagne best.
    First is the 116 steps down into the caves at Pommery. What's hard to see is that the rock here is chalk, and what has become the champagne caves started as chalk quarries dating to the Roman era. (Reims was the capital of the Roman province.). The 3rd pic is of bottles dating back to the 19th century. One could be yours for less than $5,000, a steal compared to great Bordeaux wines that have sold for as much as $50,000. Then a couple pictures of the caves and a carved barrel that had been displayed in the US and carved in American iconography coupled with french woman serving champagne.Read more