• Day3

    A Chef's Tour: Part 1

    January 16, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    This was a really great tour, fun and informative and our guide Andy spoke English well and was lovely about weaving in stories and history on our tour. This was mostly an introduction to street foods on Yaowarat Rd., along with a few brick and mortar stops. Most of the food was Chinese, rather than Thai, but most of it was super delicious!

    1. ginger soup w/crispy cracker, black sesame paste balls, gingko nuts and tofu: very gingery, lightly sweet

    2. dumplings filled with chinese chives and magic sauce (sweet soy, vinegar, chili, garlic)

    3. pork leg with vegetables (similar to sauerkraut, some type of pickled greens); chili oil and garlic on side. tastes like comfort food

    4. peanut sauce. soup w/ginger, cabbage, bean thread noodles, egg, green onion. very light and clean tasting, mild flavoured. peanut sauce really makes it delicious

    5. chicken skewers, satay sauce, side salad. I don't like ordering this at home and only end up with it when other people order it, because the chicken is almost always dry. This is nothing like what I get at home. The chicken is super moist, marinated in coconut milk overnight, grilled with charcoal. peanut sauce is spicier and less sweet than back home. salad is refreshing with a vinegary kick, very lightly spicy.

    6. herbal drink: pennywort, kind of tastes like spinach and carrot (It was refreshing to have in the heat. I didn't love it but I also didn't hate it. It was just something I tried but I wouldn't have it again.

    7. shrimp dumplings

    8. Thai green curry with rice and fried slices of Chinese sausage. This green curry tasted nothing like I would get at home. The fried slices of Chinese sausage are a brilliant addition, adding some crunch and a bit of sweetness and saltiness.

    9. soy sauce ice cream: tastes kind of like caramel

    10. green mango with shrimp sauce: a little coconut sugar on the green mango for sweetness as the green mango is tart. shrimp sauce is salty and spicy (green chilis) and also has some cilantro. Hands down, the BEST thing I ate all night!
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