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  • Day7

    Muay Thai boxing

    January 20 in Thailand ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

    I was unsure if I would go or not but after a short relax at the hotel and a beer 🍺 I figured out and remembered that I could sleep at home. Get up Sharon! Ticket bought and the bus to pick me up was on its way. So surprisingly, out of the 10 guests on the red bus only 3 were men! Here I thought I would be the only female, too funny 😂.
    We arrived at the arena and I had purchased ring side seats and could choose, my car mates headed up to the higher To my disappointment the boxers were quite young, teens at best I believe. Don’t get me wrong, the fights were still quite violent but there skill was of high quality. So there was never more than 5 minutes between fights of 5 rounds, if they made it that far. Out of the six fights, there were two knockout’s! Very happy I was able to enjoy the experience.
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