• Day44

    Trinidad without cricket!

    February 11, 2019 in Cuba ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    A long drive today, 6 hrs but at least our driver spoke excellent English. So he should as he was a graduate teacher of English turned to taxi driving because it pays better! He told us that many things in Cuba are 'upside down' like that.
    We arrived in Trinidad around 4pm having spent an hour in Cienfuegos on the way. C. was a lively town that somehow felt less safe than even Havana. Nothing to really substantiate that just a feeling really and the people on the streets. Anyway after a bit of sightseeing and a drink we were off to Trinidad.
    This 'home stay' is much like the other two but right in the old town centre so easy to do the sights tomorrow.
    After a couple of Mojitos listening to Cuban music we decided to eat cheaply tonight and splash out on our last bought meal tomorrow. I spotted a little bar on the Main Street that did Cuban snacks and pizza so in we went.
    Now I can understand flags of Valencia F. C. and Barcelona F. C. but why Nottingham Forest? The barman had no idea but suggested they were given them so up they went!
    A nice snack later and a fight with the ATM and we hit the sack to be ready for 8am breakfast tomorrow.
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