Keith Witt

Joined June 2017
  • Day1

    Night time walking tour

    July 1, 2017 in Italy

    We started off by meeting Laura, our guide, across our B&B doorway's entrance. Once acquainted, we made our way toward the old Roman Theatre, which has now been layered, like lasagne, into apartments. From there we made our way to where Ceasar was stabbed, "mafioso" style, which is now some some old columns in a grassy square taken over by hundreds of cats.

    We then walked toward the Jewish Grotto, where Jews had been sequestered into their own area back in the Portico D'Ottavia. Reinforced columns

    Pantheon - 143x143, 2000yrs old, single piece 16 columns, original doors, concrete density dome, hole on the solstice and equinox, Raphael and Margharita (pizza)

    Trevi Fountain

    Spanish Steps - Low flow fountain
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