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  • Day53

    Millionaires Lifestyle

    January 20, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    We have been invited out today on the boat, the housekeepers prepare all the meat and drinks and we set off to the Marina. As the boat pulls in I cant beleive my eyes , its a huge speedboat with a 3 berth jetski attached to the back. Everything is loaded onto the boat and we set off. We head out of the marina and do a tour off the small beaches before anchoring off. The bbq is attached and the beers are passed around , before the boys set off on the jet ski. The huge wireless speaker is connected and we now have a rock boat, tke brazillan funk is pumping out so loud my heart is banging to the beat. We dance eat and frolick in the sea and I honestly don't have a care in the world. Mark is offered a go on the jetski and before i can blink he is off . I decide to have a try at the paddle board which is a lot harder than it looks but without blowing my own trumpet I'm quite good at until i need to turn around. I spend minutes paddling to one side but am still going straight, I panic a little as at this rate ill be in Rio de Janeiro before i'd planned. I try paddling on the other side and for some unknown reson this works and i'm heading back to the boat. Bruno(the owner of the paddle board is fantastic on it , doing head stands etc and later in the day comes back from the beach with strawberry Caiprinhas . Food off the bbq is cooked all day and we drink more and soak up the atmosphere. It has not stopped raining here but as we head back to shore Mark and I are both sunburnt. We grab a quick shower and its time to head back to Campos to collect our books. A 3 hour drive and we book into a hotel, after all the sea air and only having had 3 hours sleep I sleep like a baby .Read more