• Day53

    Road to nowhere

    January 20, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    After 3 days without internet the morning is spent catching up on my blog. We still do not have a phone so we walk to the place that the Claudio in Miracema has arranged for us to get the phone unblocked. I ask for the guy but he doesnt speak a word of english and doesnt have a recollection of talking to Claudio so we give up and head into the VIVO store. Thank god for google translate we are able to purchase a small phone and use it to arrange to meet Bruno at his house at midday. we have to get a taxi to Brunos as it is about 5 miles from the hotel . The house is in a complex and there is a security gate where they buzz through to the flat to make sure they are expecting us, even though there is no answer(we are naware of this) the security guard tells them we are Americans and this seems to get us a pass as when we get to the flat there is noone in ???? We call Bruno and his brother but there is no answer and the taxi is gone. So our only plan of action is to walk . After one hour of walking in one direction there is nothing until we arrive at a main highway. We turn around and now walk two hours in the other direction where we find a small bar and eat a couple of savoury "pasties". We receive a text to say Bruno will be home at 5 so we atke a leisurely walk back and sit in the bar about 20 mins from the University. Its crazy here as Bruno has received a text from someone in the bar telling him that we are here, yet again we stick out like a sore thumb.We walk back to Brunos and meet him athe gate . His brother arrives home and we arrange to go for Pizza . In the restaurant they keep bringing out all different types of pizza at regular intervals and you choose which you want (eat as much as you like) just when i think i cant eat any more out comes the sweet pizza.
    We drop Bruno and Inacio back to the complex and carry on back to the hotel to plan our departure in the morning.
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