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  • Day72

    Sunburn and blocos

    February 8, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ 🌙 82 °F

    When we arrived at Bils this morning he had had to go to hospital, he had stayed down the beach with Mark yesterday and hadnt used sunblock , his back was a mass of oozing blisters, i felt so sorry for him as carnivalmis really in full swing and as everybody else is dressing up to head out he is covering himself with calomine lotion and taking pain killers.
    During carnival it is the norm to dress up and that can be anything from a pair of mickey mouse ears to a full blown fancy dress costume . The streets are littered with men dressed as women, women dressed as men, it really is anything goes , basically if you arent dressed you arent here for carnival.After along wait for every one to get ready we eventually head out. So we are accompanied by Mario, Spiderman , a captain, and multiple other characters.
    Its 9am in the morning and i,m drinking straight cacacha thismis going to get messy. The bloco is 10 blocks away from our hostel so we catch the tube and get off at the stop before. There are 200,000 people here and as you can imagine the tubes and buses are packed to the brim. The place is mental, i thought the beatles festival was crazy but this on another level . People dance drink and follow ths bus . My love for Brazil grows daily, but the heat here is relentless. Within an hour i have lost Mark , but the strangest thing I meet the guy off the bus who first helped us when we arrived here. Mark hasnt quite got the knack of being able to barge through people , who are quite used to it. The blocos generally last 3 to 4 hours , and aa we go to head back they have shut the metro, i guess this is a safety measure, but is an absolute pain in the arse. The walk back is arduous and as i arribe back at the hostel Mark is at there ber in hand !!! (Wasnt really his type of music anyway) A quick shower amd were ready to go again, nut first ww must eat. The guys take us to a local place where we eat chicken steak sosej rice chips and noodles for 20 reals , which is about 2 quid each, bargain.Now we are ready for heading out to catch amother bus(bloco)
    I swear the amount of people is mesmerising and as the days go on here the costumes get more eccentric. Mornings roll into days, days roll into nights and before you know it your back in your bed ready to do it all again.
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