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  • Day98

    Day From Hell

    March 5, 2016 in Argentina ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Today is going to be a long day , we are catching the overnight train from Rosario to Buenes Aires, but it doesnt leave till midnight, luckily we have managed to get our room for free as we have been here for 4 nights and the fifth is free , we use the morning to pack and in doing so Mark finds that he has lost his bank card. The next 3 hours are sent trying to cancel it. Firstly topping up the phone then on the phone to India, going though security to a point of having to give my shoe size. we send the rest of the afternoon chatting with a lovely couple from Brazil, Vicky and Raffael, and share a lunch of Aubergine pizza(i will share the recipe when i get home). An hour before we are due to leave another storm starts and we agree a taxi to the station is the best way, but trying to get one in the rain is nion impossible , after an hour we flag one down and say our goodbyes to the greatpeople we have met. Wearrive at the station and go to the ticket office book the tickets and the guy start speaking to me in Spanish, but i havent a clue what hes saying. Eventually i figure out that you cannot pay by card and as we are leaving Argentina to head to uruguay I dont have enough cash. The nearest cashpoint is 7 blocks away and it is now nearly ten thirty. The chances of getting a cab are slim so i speed walk like ive just had 8 cups of coffee I arriive at the cashpoint and it wont give me any money ? I check the balance and its 0 My worst fear, whoever has had Marks card has cleared out the account. I hastily flag down a taxi( it has now stopped raining and head back to pick up one of the other cards from Mark at the station tell the taxi driver to wait again and head back to the cashpoint with the other card. Thank god this time it works , and i ask the driver to take me back to the station. He must think ive lost the plot. Back at the station i call the bank again (this costs me 15 quid) and they advise me the reason its showing zero is because the bank i was using wasnt compatable with the card, and our money is safe. I get back to the station purchase our tickets and im tempted to not tell mark and let him suffer a little for his irresonsibility but cant do it. we board the train, both relieved. The train is really comfortable, and far cheaper than the bus so we recline our seats, get our blankets out and sleep.Read more