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  • Day120

    Leaving Los Antiguos

    March 27, 2016 in Argentina ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    We buy some lunch and hop oboard the bus that will take us to Bariloche at last. The bus is really packed and im relieved that we managed to get a seat. The coaches out here are pretty good and i would definitely recommend paying that bit extra to travel First class for the really long journeys , but for this one were back to working class as its only 10 to 12 hours. I know that seems long to some of you back home , but thats a day in the life of travelling South America.Its really weird how things like this become part of your day to day routine and i am well ready to get to Asia so we can afford the cheeap flights but there are a few things we still neeed to explore here first. The inflation rate in Argentina is ridiculuous and the new lonely planet guide that we bought and planned our budget from has been smashed as everything is nearly 3 times the price printed in it. I honestly dont know how the Argentinians afford to live.
    Luckily the bus driver smokes so after every 2 to 3 hours or so we stop and he gives us time for a quick puff. Mark and I are well prepared this time as on every other bus we could hardly hear the film and with spanish subtitles as well our concentration levels were pushed to the limit. Armed with our headhones we manage to watch the first few films succesfully and this definitely helps to break the journey up. The scenery as we travel is also breathtakingly beautiful with lakes and forests as we weave the Ruta 4o, definitely prettier and more comfortable than doing the journey up from El Chalten on the gravel highway. We stop in a place called Esquel which Mark and I had considered a stopover but time has caught us up and if were going to do any of Chile we need to push on. Another hour into the journey and the bus pulls over on the side of the road , as i look out the window all the busmen have the engine compartment pen and are banging inside it with a big hammer, right tool for the right job, im sure they know what they are doing. Fifteen minutes later and we are on the road again arriving in Bariloche just after 11. We had agreed to catch a cab, but end up walking and find the hostel pretty easily. There is only one thing for it .......BED
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