• Day186

    Passage to Paranaiba

    June 1, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    We wak e in the morning with all great intentions of heading to all the places we wanted to see in Sao Luis, but after 10 minutes of asking aound we soon find out that none of them are open. We are out of season and they are closed, but when we do a bit more exploring we find an arts centre , with a varing range of different aged people all with different grades of talent with some being very vocal in their art.A few were exceptional, im so tempted to buy one but we still have a big journey ahead of us and i dont really fancy carrying it round for the trip. There is a really good market here that sells lots of strange and wonderful things all in homemade jam jars like gran used to make.We wander through the market and im unusually temted by a few litttle numbers in there and convince Mark that i need a couple of replacement dresses as the two i have ,have got holes in and i have spottted 2 little numbers ilike and they are only a tenner for the 2 Mark should think hes getting away lightly but moans at the fact of where im going to pack them hes got so practical on this trip. After a few hours walking round the beautiful streets we are ready for a bite to eat and head back to the restaurant we were in last night . The door was ajar and when i popped my head in to see if they were open the ushered us through to a small restaurant below. We literally had a few tapas and sat in there peoplle waching. It was a constant flow of locals working people with us the only tourists , sometimes here we stick out like a sore thumb but Brazilian people are so friendly that you don't feel awkward with it . We finish our food and opt to stay in the hostel where I plan to catch up on my blog. While I'm writing 2 of the French people who sailed the amazon with us walk into the hostel and after a brief chat we exchange some tips and bid each other farewell again until the next time. After a few hours it's time to bid farewell to Sao Luis and were boarding a bus to Paranaiba the journey is about 10 hours and a couple of hours wait before boarding the bus in the morning to Camocim. The journey starts with the most friendly bus driver who I think must have changed with another driver half way through as at 3 in the morning he's arguing with some poor old man bent over with arthritis about where he's dropping him off to a point where another woman on the bus gets up and stands up for the old man and shouts at the driver. This is all going on at 3 am really. i lie my head back down and hope for a litttle peace for the rest of the journey.Read more