• Day174


    May 20, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    So we eventually arirved, the bus journey took 8 hrs instead of 5, but thats to be expected now were back in Brazil. We get a taxi to the hostel as its right on the other side of town and to be honest i just want to get there now. We are allocated our room and when i open the door its two twin beds so i go back to reception and they move us to another room. We dump our bags and head to the travel agency attached to the hostel. Even though its out of season we have been warned that it can be difficult to get booked onto the abismo tour and that is exactly the case. There are no places available saturday or sunday and Monday we are supposed to be catching a bus to Santarem, so we decide on another trip called Lake Mysteriousa and can also join his with a trip Buracu de Arasas. Once the trips are booked we then have to book transport to get ther and guess what? The bus is full so we have to opt for a taxi. Once trips are booked we heaad out to exploore town. The town is literally one street that is a main road about 1mile long with various shops either side, most of them being clothes shops, expensive ones at that. This place is really geared up for rich people tourism, and most of them are Brazilians. Mark goes into the garage while i do a little winow shopping and when he comes out i wave him, i point to the shop im going in and ther is no sign of him, so i go back outside and look for him ... nowhere to be seen. I think he must have carried on walking so i walk to the end of the street and back down again to the garage looking in every bar as i go, but still no sign. Its a good 15 minute walk back to the hostel , but i can only think thats where he is. Sure enough hes showered and ready to go out for something to eat so we walk back to a restaurant at the start of town. When were handed a menu i nearly die , the options are Caman, alligator and turtle, my being concern is how is this affecting the natural world here. The whole reason we come to these areas is to see the wildlife in its natural habitat, and here it is being served on a plate , not quite what i had in mind . Mark orders the pirhana soup and i just stick with a steak, and accomany it with my first caiirinha since being back in Brazil. We both enjoy the meal thoroughly and make the walk back to the hostel. In the bar on site its buy one get one free on the caiirinhas so it would be rude not to, and we sit chatting to a German couple and Frederico the bar man. After 3 drinks i am well on my way to being boozy and shortly after retire to bed as we have an early start in the morning.Read more