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  • Day817

    City tour

    February 22, 2018 in Finland ⋅ ⛅ -15 °C

    Ada arrives shortly after 9 , it’s moomoo day in school so mama has gone to spend the morning with Elma. We eat a small breakfast and chat a while looking at old photos of when they were young, she then drops us at the university where papa is waiting. His girlfriend works here so we are joining her for an early lunch. The restaurant is open to anyone and is only a few euros which means that no one should go without at least one good meal a day and the food is delicious with multiple choices.
    Next stop is the town centre, we park in one of the biggest car parks I’ve seen which runs the length and breadth of the city but all underground it is fully heated so if people park here all day they don’t have to defrost their cars. The streets up above are also heated so for the first time I see a pavement without snow and ice. Just when I think I couldn’t eat anything else it’s into the cafe for coffee and cake 🍰
    Something I love here is they’ve encompassed the poppy into design and every where you go you see it from bedding to napkins, pictures and clothes I love it.
    We then drive down to the beach 🏖 well sort off , it’s hard to believe there is actually sand beneath all this snow, but there really is and the proof is the little beach huts for you to get changed in. We were due to go ice fishing 🎣 today but with it being so cold papa has advised against it, and although there are people actually fishing it’s for the hardened proffesionals and even they have a bottle of vodka to keep warm.
    The latter part of the afternoon is spent shopping buying all the little Bits of home that ida can’t get in the uk but I also indulge. In Nordic countries they have cloudberries that are the most heavenly thing I’ve eaten so I’m bringing some home. Back at home Ada has cooked dinner and we all sit down to eat with her mum and sister for the last time well at least I thought so but shortly after we’re back in the car and heading back to her dads place where there is homemade blueberry pie and homemade cloudberry jam cheese bread coffee cake and custard. I must have put on so much weight since being here but the diet can wait. I’ve had such an amazing time but would love to come back in the summer to see things differently.
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