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  • Day1528

    Cactus country

    February 3 in Mexico ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

    We wake leisurely in the morning and potter around listening to some English music introducing the guys to different bands they've never heard of. We drive to a place called Cataceaus de Queretaro which is believed to be a Sacred area full of magic. There are so many different types ranging from really small to really big ,. Over the years some species have become extinct so this place is working to protect the species remaining. A small building houseas a greenhouse area where cacti are grown from seeds and nurtured till the are strong enough to put in the ground.
    Here in Mexico they eat cactus on a daily basis and is a massive part of the staple diet. They taste very similar to green peppers and are cooked similarly too.
    The guide explains to us that cactus are used for many things here in Mexico from medicine to food but most importantly Tequila. We take the trek to the Mirador and the views are beautiful
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