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  • Day2440

    Let me take your fingerprints

    August 3 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    I wake at 715 and get myself sorted before walking to the main street to get a grab bike to immigration. I'm relieved when one of the local buses pulls up but the journey with the loudest bass music blaring at this time in the morning is not the most pleasant I've had. The guy offers to wait for me and with it being early think it's probably a good idea. Inside immigration I'm the only person there and I wait for 10 minutes as everyone is outside eating breakfast. The process involves taking my photo doing my signature and taking all my fingerprints but I'm in and out in 30 minutes, and glad I got it done here as I think in Bali the process took a lot longer. When I arrive back at the hostel and Bertie and Olivia are here and plan to go to the caves but when I go to reception I find They are doing an island tour today and suggest I will do this. Before I know it I've arranged for 8 people to join and we hire a private boat. Just after midday we are on route with our picnic pizza. Our first stop is the island that we anchored off from on our last day that Cesar and Juan swam to. Once again my snorkel is broken but I persevere blowing the water back out. The fish here are incredible and I'm literally surrounded. I don't stray very far from the jetty and as I move around the side I see more starfish than I've ever seen. Back on the boat we go to kanawa island, I grab a bite to eat in the little shack here and have a snorkel afterwards the water is so clear but I find it hard work on a full belly with a broken snorkel. Our final stop is for sunset but when we arrive at the beach it's been barracaded and on the other side is a private beach with umbrella. There is no way of climbing over so we just snorkel and we get the sunset on the boat back and what a sunset it is . After showering we join in la Cocina for our last supper and end up in our favourite haunt for drinks. There is no live music tonight so we enjoy the evening playing a drinking card game. It's been a really special day spent with the last of the crew and I'm pretty emotional as I say goodbye to them. They leave shortly after midnight as have an early morning flight and I stay on for a few more before thankfully getting a lift back.Read more