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  • Day2446

    Sunrise sunset

    August 9 in Indonesia ⋅ 🌧 25 °C

    I wake up in time for sunrise and as I lay in the hammock watching this marvelous display I'm tempted to do a timelapse but for once I just enjoy the moment. Time here is passing so quickly and I don't really feel like I've explored Bali as much as I should have but to be honest the feedback from places like Ubud and Changu aren't great so I have decided to spend a few more days here and chill. I haven't stopped for the last 7 months and this is definitely somewhere I can just unwind and recharge my batteries. I part ways with Bobby this morning and have shared some fantastic adventures with him but all good things come to an end. I try and book a grab but with no success so Bobby takes me rucksack and all onto my next accommodation. I've booked into a place recommended by Nico and it's half the price I stayed last night and literally on the beach, it's a family run business and the accommodation next door is run by Made's brother. I find it really strange how you are competing with your brother in the accommodation next door but families share everything here. Later in the afternoon Nico arrives so I spend an hour catching up with him before having a massage on the beach and discover the lady giving it to me is Made`s mum. We take a walk along the beach in the evening and stop at a little restaurant where we meet Audrey a French lady Nico knows, Nico recommends the fish MaliMali which is amazing. Every night here they have live music and you ask the locals and they will tell you where it is. It's only a couple of km away but Nico insists on taking the bike so I jump on and when we arrive am delighted to find they have 2 pool tables. I do my usual hustling and thoroughly enjoy a normal size table with normal size balls and cues with tips on as this combination of all 3 together is very rare. All bars here close at 11 and I don't know whether this is a post covid thing but to be honest I quite like it because as I lie here tonight writing this I'm listening to the waves crashing in on the shore and for me there's no better sound.Read more