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  • Day29

    Cotton Adventure Tours

    June 3, 2018 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    We decided we would do a gentle hike from Murren to the cable car and from there ride down to Lauterbrunnen Valley. So off we headed beside the railway track, all very civilised. We stopped for lunch on the way and sat with retired sisters from Florida who have done more travelling than we’ve had hot dinners. Age has slowed them down but they were a hoot. We left them to continue on our hike while they went off to find a pub. All of the hiking and mountain bike trails are very well marked and it would be impossible to get lost.
    We walked on for a while and realised we had lost the train track and in fact, isn’t that the cable car above us? There was nothing to do but to continue on down, dodging the occasional mountain biker who would come hurtling past. The Swiss must all be extreme sport junkies. They are either throwing themselves off a mountain or whizzing down it on skis or on a mountain bike at break neck speeds.
    So we walked, and walked, and walked. After a few hours we finally came across a sign showing Lauterbrunnen 30 minutes on the nice road or 20 minutes down this little track. We didn’t even debate – we are taking the shorter route. Someone must have decided that the hikers would probably be bored by now so let’s make the last 20 minutes really exhilarating for them. The track looked like nobody walked it and after picking our way down I know why. Four and a half hours after heading off we got to the bottom and Graham found a waterfall to dunk his head under and I found a bar.
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