• Day31

    The Hills are Alive....

    June 5, 2018 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌧 24 °C

    ....with the sound of Graham snoring. Haven't killed him yet.
    Went up to Grindelwald First today. Best cablecar ride yet. It was a bit like the ghost train. They put you in a little cabin and then you go around sharp corners, slow down, whizz off. Great views to top it off (but when aren’t there amazing views here). The hike to the lake was still closed due to snow so we did the ziplines and the glider. With the glider you start at the bottom laying face down and they pull you up the mountain backwards, and then when they get to the top it inches to a stop and you are left hanging for what feels like an eternity before they let you go. There may have been a bit of screaming. I can’t lie – Graham bloody filmed it!
    We were going to do the trotti bikes down the mountain until I read the reviews of people breaking bones and being airlifted out. I am not that desperate for a helicopter ride. The only people we saw on the bikes were a couple of 16 year old boys who said it was hell fast so I was overjoyed we didn’t do it. Graham would have loved it.
    Had a Sound of Music moment for Debbie, as requested. The Chinese were watching me twirl around on the edge of the mountain in awe. They are always up for a new pose to add to their repertoire so I imagine after we left there would have been 100 Chinese twirling around on the mountainside.
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