• Day4

    Friday - it's the weekend!

    January 15 in Egypt ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    It's Friday and it's the weekend here so Kamal, Umna's husband, came out with us.
    We went to old Cairo and the markets.
    Very colorful markets with spices, fabrics, jewelry and more. Men praising their goods, loud music, all very busy. People enjoy their off day with a stroll through the old town and an outing into restaurants.

    Clothing-wise there is everything from whole covered women (burka) and man in their traditional galabeya to western clothing in jeans and t-shirts for both men and women.
    Also not all women cover their hair.

    Besides old Cairo we visited, a Derwish tempel (Sufi religion, a branch of the Islam) and two mosques. I love the outlay, the artwork, the lightening in the mosques. Stunning. The energy is very good, soothing. I find that in places where there have been prayers for many centuries the energy usually is very soothing and peaceful.

    I'm very fortunate because Kamal is a famous Egyptian director of photography and documentary films. You will notice the pictures are very good. Credit goes to Kamal!

    I bought a amethyst and had it made into a ring. The amethyst was six dollars, the silver and the making 45 dollars. I love the ring.
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