• Day41

    Ecovillages in Holland P1

    August 5, 2017 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    I am now 10 days in to my Ecovillage design course. The Gaia education model (which is the organization that is certifying this course) offers a mandala with four dimensions; social, ecological, economic, and worldview. Each of the classes we are taught falls under one of these categories or more (simultaneously). An intention of this model is to show us the interweaving of each of these components as a whole system and as the details. During this process, we as a group have realized that this model is an ideal, a picture that we want to create, but it cannot relate to our currently reality. It is important that we recgonized these gaps so that we can build bridges from our current systems towards a thriving, resilient future.
    The course has been excellent in giving me tools that I can use to teach my local community back at home and an inspiration in what I can create and co-create with others. 10 days in, 15 days left!
    See the mandala and Ecovillage I've been visiting down below 💓🙌
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