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  • Day850

    Doornenburg Castle

    October 24 in the Netherlands

    In contrast to nearby Germany we've hardly seen any castles in the Netherlands but today we are parked up across a field from one. Doornenburg provides 3 places for vans on 'grasscrete' side on to a quiet road. The drive here took us along the ridge of a wiggly dyke that displayed a 2.2m width limit. Martha Motorhome happens to be 2.32m wide so we were rather nervous but there didn't seem to be any other way to reach our destination. We couldn't see any pinch points and vehicles as wide as us or wider were coming from the opposite direction so we persevered and breathed a sigh of relief as we approached the sign telling us we could park overnight.

    The pitch and therefore the van slopes to the right but using the chocs on this side would make it difficult for Poppy to jump in and turning Martha round would mean that Vicky couldn't gaze adoringly out of the side window at the two beautiful black horses, so Will decides to put up with the awkward angle.

    Vicky spends the day doing odd jobs around the van and makes some more progreas organising our visit to the UK while Will heads to the canal with his fishing rods. He's getting good with all this practice!

    After a quiet night we nip over the road to explore the castle, stopping on the way to say hello to the horses, one of which Vicky is pretty sure is a Dutch breed called a Groningen. His black coat shines and his thick mane falls over his arched muscular neck. It is testament to his even temperament that he just jumps a little when Vicky accidentally electrocutes him while leaning over the live wire to stroke him!

    Doornenburg's fortification started life as a manor house in the 9th century before being converted into a castle in the 13th. Its tall rose brick walls, topped with pyramidal steeples surround an open courtyard and are themselves surrounded by a moat. Prior to the 2nd World War it underwent restoration, only to be completely destroyed by a British bombardment in 1945. A full rebuild was necessary, so although the layout is old, the structure is young. The small café was closed and there wasn't anybody else in sight so we amused ourselves with a short stroll around, taking in the vaulting horse, the anvil, large metal catapault, firepit, wooden stocks and stilts. We crossed a timber bridge to the chapel, added in the 15th century, but it too was closed. It was fun to look around and it helped distract Vicky from some of the guilt she felt for electrocuting the poor horse!
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  • Day843


    October 17 in the Netherlands

    Putten camperplaats is nothing more than a couple of long parking bays in the town car park, but it is somewhere we are allowed to stay for free (for 24hours) and we are grateful for it. There is already another motorhome in one bay and a further one arrives after us, departing soon afterwards to find somewhere with a vacant space.

    At one edge of the car park a large old building is being gutted and modernised with all sorts of diggers, buldozers and dumper trucks. The noise isn't too bad and over the crossroads behind us is a reasonable sized patch of grass that looks as if it is frequented by many of the local dogs by the way Poppy sniffs and sniffs whenever we take her to it.

    We arrived just before lunch and checked out Trip Advisor to see if any local eateries caught our eye, but nothing took our fancy so we ate in the van before taking the short walk into Putten. To our dismay we found a sizeable market was packing up; we would have enjoyed a mooch! As it was the market-goers had flocked to the café terraces to make the most of the fine weather, sipping hot drinks and grabbing a bite to eat.

    Putten appeared to be quite an upmarket place, with high wires strung accross the street supporting fluttering ribbons. We found three shops selling yarn and craft supplies so Will managed to stock up for Vicky's christmas but apart from this there wasn't an awful lot to hold our attention.

    Back in Martha we would hear an incongruous 'baaa' every now and then. Vicky went to investigate with Poppy and found a little field next to a cemetery containing two Balwen Welsh Mountain Sheep and a few chickens. The sheep were very friendly and the smaller of the two particularly enjoyed a stroke, her little tail wagging whenever Vicky found the right spot to scratch. Their presence certainly enhanced Vicky's stay at Putten!
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  • Day849


    October 23 in the Netherlands

    Aalten's free camperplaats provides space for four vans at the end of a paved car park on the outskirts of town. On one side is a fenced field with a couple of wooden stables but the weather is grey and drizzly and the horse and pony are staying under shelter. On the other side of the road is a pancake party house and pub. Both are closed when we arrive.

    We took a short trip to Germany today to return our empty beer crate and put the deposit refund towards stocking up on alcohol free beers. We travelled through countryside and crossed the border when entering a small town with a long name; Oldenkott-Wennewick. In the Netherlands we'd got used to driving with no lines along the centre of the road. Instead there are dashes about 1.5m out from either side marking how much space drivers must allow the many cyclists. These disappeared over the border but there were at least stretches of path on one side or the other that could be used for walking or cycling. It is interesting to expose how subjectively our opinions are formed; we always think of Germany as being brilliant for bikes, but comparing its provision to that of the Netherlands there is a lot more it could be doing.

    After recrossing the border and settling into the Aalten camperplaats, we walked the short way into town. It wasn't the most visually appealing of urban areas (not helped by the dour weather) but it was clean, well maintained and the people friendly. We were a little surprised to discover that it was set on a slight slope; something unusual here in this flat country! We wandered around for a little while, dipping into a few shops here and there but nothing piqued our interest so we returned empty handed.

    The evenings are coming on earlier and as darkness fell we raised the blinds and drew the curtains to 'shut the world out'. It was only when Vicky took Poppy out before going to bed that she saw the pub at the pancake house was open. Oh well, we'll need to find another opportunity for a drink out.
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  • Day796

    Rijnhaven, Wageningen, Netherlands

    August 31 in the Netherlands

    Still on our way to Denmark we are parked up in one of the Netherlands' few free Camperplaats. We've not spent a night in this country since we got fined for wild camping nearly a decade ago, but there are official signs that assure us this is a designated motorhome stopover. The plan is to spend October here, so our overnight stop is an effort to dispell our negative attitude towards the country before coming to live in it for a month.

    This site is a mixed bag. To our front is a wetland nature reserve, dotted with hawthorns heavy with rich red berries. Behind us are conical piles of sandy coloured grit and the tall, green, metal towers of a processing plant. Trucks occasionally trundle in or out of the compound and industrial barges wait in the canal basin to receive their shipment.

    Although we've travelled through the Netherlands many times, we've stuck to the motorways and Vicky found it a bit difficult adapting to the new road markings and signs when we entered
    Wageningen; the town that hosted our campingplaats. We were very lucky to nab a pitch beacuse only one of the five was unoccupied. Soon afterwards another van arrived and despite an extended wait, no space became available, so they moved on, explaining they didn't want to get fined.

    We took a good stroll around the nature reserve with its dykes and shallow pools that hundreds of Lapwings called home. We saw Sandpipers, Grey Herons, a Great White Egret and even heard the deep, low call of Bitterns in the reeds. A small herd of docile cows and their calves grazed the land and we only crossed paths with a few other people. Following a cobbled road, we came accross a distinctive old brickworks building, with its tall chimney central to the structure. According to an information board, the land had been destined for residential development, but local people protested and managed to defeat the proposals, preserving the wetlands and the historical brickworks, now used as an art space.

    Back at the van Will continued exploring the area on Maps.Me, finding a market place in the centre of town. A quick internet search told him there was a popular Saturday food market tomorrow - right up our street!

    At 6:30am the following morning Vicky grumpily got up at Poppy's insistence and took her out for a wee. All feeling of grumpiness evaporated when she saw the view; mist had gathered over the meadow and the amber colour in the sky was becoming increasingly intense as the sun rose towards the horizon. Vicky pulled her wellies on and grabbed her camera to spend the next 40 minutes amongst the hawthorn bushes and vapour clouds photographing the emergence of the sun. After the micro states, the Netherlands is the most densely populated country in Europe. It was therefore even more of an unexpected and wonderful experience to wake up to such a beautiful natural view.

    After breakfast we walked the short distance to the church, in whose square the sizeable market was held. Large covered stalls overflowed with fresh fruit and veg, nuts, dried fruits, cheese, meats and fish. We didn't have much on our shopping list but do like to proiritise buying from local producers, so found our three small bags getting more and more full. Many stalls sold organic products, including one where we bought freshly baked seeded buns. Another seller dedicated to funghi offered the widest range of fresh mushrooms and truffles we'd ever seen and we came away with a bag of portabellos and a foraged wild mix for risotto that evening. From one of the few non-food stalls we purchased a usb charger that could be plugged into the van's 12V socket. Our current one is limited to an output of 1Amp and takes ages to charge anything. We hope this fast charging 3.1Amp device will help us manage our battery operated appliances more easily. In the end we needed to drag ourselves away from the market, the bags weighing heavily on our shoulders. Walking to the van we agreed that we both wanted to return to Wageningen during our Netherlands tour in October; we guess the place hasn't done too bad a job changing our attitude towards the country!
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  • Day25

    Germany / Regensburg

    August 11, 2017 in the Netherlands

    11th August 2017.
    Arrived in Regensburg this afternoon. A real Bavarian town. Had a Bavarian lunch and staff got dressed in Bavarian costumes. Quite neat. Weather is cloudy and overcast with showers. Went for a little walk through the town. It is known as the ^ Medieval wounder of Germany^. This old town suffered hardly any damage in the second world War. It's now part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage.
    The last night on this boat. Transfer to our new boat tomorrow. Had a great night with a guy playing an electric violin. Graham was a dick and got up and danced the Irish jig. What a laugh. All these boring old farts. Had a few drinks. Last ones to go to usual.
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  • Day22


    August 8, 2017 in the Netherlands

    After our quick afternoon tour we went back to the boat for an early dinner as we were going to a classical concert at the City Palais Liechtenstein. What a beautiful palace. No wounder the poor people rebelled when they wasted so much money on such extravagant buildings. We got all dressed up and had drinks before the concert in this most beautiful room. Chandelier and gold on the walls. After drinks we listened to a great orchestra playing music by Strauss and Mozart. Very dynamic display by young musicians. Also the Vienna boys choir now allows girls to join this Academy and we had a group of young girls sing to us. Also had a young lady sing a aria and a spunky young guy sung a tenor. Awesome night. We are getting culturally sophisticated.Read more

  • Day22


    August 8, 2017 in the Netherlands

    Sightseeing in the centre of the city or in the 1sr district. The first district is surrounded by wide boulevards on three sides called The Rings trashed. All the beautiful buildings are in this area and expensive shops.

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