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  • Day4

    CALI - the Salsa city

    March 12 in Colombia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Due to the congress elections on Sunday, there wasn’t going on much in the city. They closed all the Bars and alcohol was forbidden, so the people don’t forget to vote.

    So I explored the 2mio big city by walking. If you were outside of the center, there was this super chill vibe. No skyscrapers no bullshit, only tiny colourful houses and many nice parks with huge old trees in it.
    I really enjoyed the strolls around.

    On monday I had a private Argentinian samba dance class by Angustina in the morning and a Salsa dance classe at in the evening.
    In between we went up the big hill to the 26m high Cristo Rey Jesus statue. Nice view over the hole city.
    The senora working there showed us a shortcut along the “crosses” to the city. From the beginning the path was hardly visible. Clearly nobody had walked there for a long time.
    We saw the crosses though and continued downwards. After 5 crosses with probably 300m in between, the bushes became to dense. We still tried to get through somehow, which made our legs suffer from lots of scratches. I’m the end
    we had no other chance to turn around again 😒
    Gracias senora!

    The regular way back would have had cost us 2more hours and my salsa class appointment. We hitchhiked and luckily two motorcycles took us with!

    I was exhausted when we arrived at the hostel for the salsa class, but I joined. I didn’t know it is so intense 😅
    The salsa teacher gave us free entry tickets for a salsa club the same night, where I could show my learned skills 💃🏻
    The atmosphere was super nice in there, everybody switched after a dance so you could dance with pros and beginners like me.

    Next morning off to the Colombian coffee route through the mountains. First stop Salento.
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    Cali was my dream destination many years ago. I had read a novel, part of the plot was there. So glad you made it