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  • Day27

    Sparti to Corinth

    June 3, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Today we left Sparti heading for Corinth, and for John & Helen to take a handover for their home for the next 4 months, the Captain John, a 46 foot Bavaria. On the wat, we stopped at a site of ancient ruins - Mycenae. This was a fortress perched high upon a hill, with magnificent views over a very fertile valley, all the way to the sea.

    It was a quick stop, as we needed to be in Corinth by 12.30, which we made easily. Reaching Corinth, we headed to the Marina where Giannis was waiting for John & Helen. Our first meeting with the Captain John! Once loaded aboard, John and Helen had their briefing for a few hours, Paul and I went for a walk in the township scoping our restaurants for dinner.

    Once Giannis had finished, we asked directions for a supermarket to provision up. It was a problem on a Sunday, but Giannis saw a local cop,who radioed other officers, who reported where a large super market was open on a Sunday! So,off we went! European supermarkets are always an adventure, but Greek even more so! No recognizable brands, but even to see what the ingredients are is often a big challenge! Haha. We headed back to the boat, and off loaded, but then Paul had to drive back to Athens (an hour’s drive, to drop off the car). We put the groceries away, and the wind had picked up. Many boats were coming into the marina for shelter and one tried to raft up next to us, but as it was so windy, not a good idea. He left. Another boat came in late, and moored next to the break wall. At 11pm, we saw his boat listing deep, it appears his keel was stuck on something, and the emergency boat came to help release him. Don’t know if it was successful, as the boat was still there the next morning, not listing though, but tide was up.

    We when came back from dinner, we were relaxing when a fireworks show started about 10.30pm. Paul came back by this time, having to wait for a train. We’d seen a wedding, and figured the fireworks were for that! Very cool way to spend the first night aboard!

    hot and tired after a long day, headed into town for a
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