• Day27

    Corinth to Epidavros

    June 3, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Today we set sail, and the first task was lining up for the Corinth Canal. This is a narrow 4km long man-made isthmus. It is one way traffic at a time, so the boats line up to wait till it’s our turn. It’s quite fascinating going through, and quite narrow. At the other end, you have to moor, and complete paperwork for the harbour master, paying the tolls of course. We took the opportunity to fill up with diesel as well. As with all of Greece, cats abound, and one little white cat took a shine to Paul. Such a shine, that it jumped on the boat when we weren’t looking! It got quite miffed when I grabbed it and tossed him back to shore!

    We sailed for a couple of hours, mooring at Epidavros, disembarking and then could a taxi to the ruins of an ancient theatre. It was very impressive as it was mostly intact, and had amazing acoustics! Paul impressed us all by singing Waltzing Matilda for the masses, which when we were a the top of the stadium, could hear clearly. Regrettably I was not quick enough for video,capturing only the last few seconds...what a trooper!

    We decided to have a home-cooked meal tonight, and John excelled as usual. Beth decided to jump in the water to test it out - cool, but do-able!

    It was a much calmer night’s sleep in calm waters!
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