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  • Day25

    Snow grooming!

    January 3, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌙 -13 °C

    Well today started out with a couple of cranky boys but ended up awesome. The boys had a brief ski after brekky but then decided to play in the snow and have a few runs on Jonathan’s sled. After just missing a few skiers the boys decided to head back inside for a bit which gave Vern and I a bit of time to ourselves. We took advantage of the deck chairs outside our hotel restaurant and enjoyed the sun with some morning drinks. It had warmed up to minus 8 by now so we settled in with the complimentary blankets and soaked up the amazing view in the sunshine. We just reflected on how awesome this holiday has been.

    Katrin offered to take our boys on the big chairlift run last thing in the afternoon and of course they jumped at it. Problem was as the temperature started to drop again lochie had cold hands and feet but Katrin sorted him out whilst Philipp and Vern helped me arrange something I had wanted to do all week. Snow grooming! You can book to go with one of the many snow groomers who groom those runs every night. They are huge pieces of machinery but we were told they only accept guests on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. That didn’t deter Philipp who convinced the man in charge to give me a go cause I had come all the way from Australia! It was amazing!

    The guy I went with really only spoke Swiss so that did limit some of my questions cause he only spoke a small amount of English and about as much German as me, but we muddled through.

    Wow the view from the top was breathtaking but boy are those ski runs steep. You felt like you just dropped straight down. So steep that the groomers have to hook on to 1km long cables to stop them sliding down the mountain. The photos don’t do the experience justice but it was absolutely a bucket list experience.
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