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  • Day11

    Beverly Hills and Fonda Theatre

    October 12, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    From Venice Beach to the different side of LA...Beverly Hills. Rich people, well dressed all the time. Time here also quite short, maybe a disadvantage of an organized tour. So, what are the plans for the evening. Moki recommened me some cool spots (Moki, former band member of Get Dead alias "da dicke Chines" 😉...was my fav buddy from the band...lives in LA now and felt very sorry that he had no time for me to meet because of work)...anyway, he recommended me "against me" but the show was already sold out...ok, let's look on the facebook-event. A guy offered his second ticket for a good offer, I asked him about...he said that another guy wrote him already, but if my offer is better, I will get it. My answer: "Party with an Austrian girl and some drinks included" response. Hours later, when I planned my evening with the girls, he wrote me, if I still want the tickets....fuuuuck, yes. So, I met Tim and said the girls "call the police when I am not coming back" 🙈 There was another girl Kirsten from LV with him, they also met before the first time and it was a great evening, and a craaaazy party and I am still alive 💪 or do say it in Birgit's words "Superkristi geht Schwammerl suchen", create your own story about it and let me know in the comments 😜Read more