• Day77

    Sleep, Groceries & Distillery District

    October 11, 2017 in Canada ⋅ ☁️ 10 °C

    After a well deserved sleep-in we finally dragged ourselves out of bed. Since we arrived late last night the Pantry was bare. Lucky we filled our pockets with biscuits whilst on the train. Breakfast - biscuits and coffee!
    Cabbagetown is an historic suburb settled by the Irish when they fled Ireland during the potato famine and our apartment is on the ground floor of a nice semi detached terrace. The owner, Paul, is above and there is a basement apartment below. It is only a short walk down the street to the main road and a choice of grocery markets, a drugstore and other coffee shops delis etc. We chose Cosimos No Frills Grocery and stocked up on breakfast and dinner supplies. it’s the first time we have come across Cosimos and we were impressed. A good range of food at a good price - bit of an Aldi concept I guess.
    Once we had stored our goodies we headed down to the Distillery District. By this stage we were both starving, our nutritious breakfast was quickly failing our energy levels. Unable to find anything suitable to stave off the hunger pangs on the walk there, we had to wait until we reached the District. It was a reasonable walk so it was lucky it was easily enough found or we may have faded away to mere shadows of our former selves.
    Well we didn’t fade a d with our bellies sated we proceeded to explore.
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