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  • Day13

    Park City, UT

    August 8, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Make sure you are scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page on the blog to see all of the pictures. I post at least 20 pictures the day.

    Today we started out slowly. We had breakfast and then went down to Park city main street to have a look around. Cute little town. You can tell that it's a high-end area due to the stores. Has to be amazingly bustling in the wintertime. I'd love to see it. It is beautiful in the summertime, too. Lots of restaurants and little shops. It took us a while to find Park city village where the kids activities are. Apparently we drove right past it at one point. How we missed it I have no idea. At one point, we ended up at another ski village. We asked for directions and worked our way back to Park city Village. There are lots of summer visitors there. They have a ton of summer activities like a bungy jumper, a putt putt golf, adventure climbing, alpine slide, zip lines, a Mountain bike course, and an Alpine coaster. We were looking for the Alpine coaster. I've always wanted to do that. When we bought our tickets to go on it, a rain storm started and they closed the ride. So we got our money back. I was bummed. It wasn't a long storm so I was hopeful that we cold go back little bit later in the day.

    We explored a little bit around town. Around our condo there is a lot of shopping. There's also a Tanger outlet right near us, too. They've got everything around here. We also found our way up to Olympic Park Village. So glad we did. It was really cool. It's actually the park that we can see from our condo deck. It's where the 2002 Olympics were and where they still train. It was so cool. They had summer ski jumps into a pool. Those skiers are nuts. They hit the water like a ton of bricks. They hit the water as hard as you hit the snow in a jump. Every time a skier hit the water everyone moaned. They also have a bobsled that you can go on that is the Olympic bobsled run. It was closed because of the rain. We went back to the condo and relaxed for a little bit. We taught the kids how to play euchre. It was fun. Before dinner we decided to go back to Park city and see if we could ride the Alpine coaster.

    It was up and running. You get into this open air sled like thing that takes you up the track all the way up the mountain. As high as the ski lift. Then it roller coasters you to the bottom of using gravity. Elizabeth and I went together because I thought it would be more fun to be laughing with someone on it with you. And it was. Paul and Matthew were together and Ben went alone. It was so freaking fun. You have control of the speed using a break. But I vowed not to touch the break on the coaster. It was so much fun. It's a pretty long ride and Elizabeth and I were laughing so hard. Our stomachs were aching as if we were doing sit ups. I could go on that 100 times. The kids also did the bungee jumping trampoline. I don't think they loved it that much. Cool little village with lots to do.

    At home Paul grilled up some ribs, potatoes and vegetables for dinner to a sunsetting Mountain background. We had a great day. Utah is so beautiful. Tomorrow we are off for home. We're just gonna drive and and see how far we want to go and then stop. This is where we start to get homesick. Probably because we know it's a long ride home. Any guesses where I think we might stop. We have no idea yet.
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