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  • Day41

    Philip Morris' stronghold

    October 21, 2017 in Canada ⋅ ☁️ 11 °C

    I cannot remember a time that I've seen so much cigarette smoking. Everyone smokes. I am sure when I grew up in the 80's it was similar, but I was too young to notice. Now, however, with smoking so taboo in so many places, the ubiquitous nature of it here is bizarre. It's not just the locals, it is everyone. You can't buy alcohol legally in town and there are no coffee shops with espresso of course. Maybe nicotine is the only legal drug folks can get away with here...?
    I guess I'm also shocked that since you can't smoke inside work or school or any buildings, that so many people would still smoke....cause it's damn COLD outside. How good is a cigarette really? Is it good enough for -30? I guess if I wasn't allowed to drink my Dr. Pepper inside, I might sneak some hits off a can outside....but I don't know when I'd hit my temperature threshold. The prices alone already have me rationing and altering my behavior. But, nicotine is a whole other beast I think. A pack of smokes goes for $25 and up on Facebook. Usually about $30 for one pack. In the capital, I believe they ran about $22 a a carton is $220. Wowsa! Even if you only smoked one carton a month ---which is only about a pack every 2.5 days that would be a big bill. Most real smokers I know go through way more than a single pack every 3ish days! A pack a day habit would cost you more than $440 a month!!! !!!!!! <--that needed more exclamation points.
    This place is mind-boggling in many aspects. The smoking is just one.
    Another thing that is bizarre to me is the no shoes at work. I am totally on board with the Canadian and other countries' practice of removing shoes at home. Makes complete sense and I love it. But, let me tell ya, I just feel weird in my little fleece slippers talking to a coworker about compliance issues or an officer about potential illegal bear stuff.....and we're all in our socks, together. I can't help but look at the uniformed officer and think that a bit of his power disappears as I gaze at his white Hanes socks. I won't even mention the weirdness I feel walking into the bathroom at work in my socks. Heeeezzzeeeggh. Is this normal? Does everyone take their shoes off at work??
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