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  • Day6

    Chateau D'Amboise

    June 18, 2018 in France ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

    Today did not start off exactly as we had expected. The plan was to grab breakfast at a pattiserrie just across the street from the Chateau in Amboise. For some reason that we still do not know, nothing was open on this Monday morning.
    We found a little grocery store and bought some fresh bread, butter and jellies and ate right on the Loire river. An elderly couple walked by smiling and said "bon appetite".
    We then walked up the hill to the Chateau D'Amboise. The "castle" that dominates the skyline of the town of Amboise. Several generations of kings and their families either lived or visited here. In fact, King Charles VIII was born here in 1470 and most of the construction occurred here under his direction around 1491 - 1498. 75% of the Chateau that he built still survives today.
    One of the kings who ruled during this time was known as the salamander king. Not a very attractive title I'd say.
    There are tapestries here that are older than the United States itself. One was from 1492, when? Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
    The most notable aspect of this place is that Leonardo Davinci is buried in the chapel.
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