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  • Day31

    Never at a loss for what to do.

    November 15, 2018 in Ireland ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

    So after getting a nice nap in, I can say I'm quite grateful for being able to sleep anywhere, and it was so easy to find my hostel this time around; I'm even in the same room as last time. I thought, although highly unlikely as it is an English treat, I would ask about treacle tart again. Once we got over the hump of explaining what it was, I was on my way to M&S, a high end market, and if I found it would bring it back to share the experience. They actually had it! I couldn't believe it, and just barely restrained myself from hugging the woman who helped me. I rushed back, grabbed some forks and plates, and we dug in. Aside from being pure sugar, it was sticky sweet, melt in your mouth delicious. Only wanting a slice, as well as to save myself from having more than I should, I gave the rest of the tart to the staff of the bar... I think they appreciated it. Because it was only three, and still light out, I had to squeeze in another attraction. Of the ones recommended, two were close enough for a comfortable walk, and one was still open. It made for an easy decision, and I was able to navigate through Cork to Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral, seeing a sign along the way for a newly closed Starbucks, as well as taking a detour through a park. My God (pun intended) was this place stunning. After soaking in this building, over 150 years old, I decided to look through their small souvenir shop. As it was the same person working the till for entry and to buy anything, we struck up a conversation, talking about my trip and being from California he walked around the shop that reminded me of tidying up... but what he did was buy me a stone cross, for safety and protection. I was so touched. We spoke a bit longer, and I even did their labyrinth, which was for meditation, rather than trapping a minotaur. From there, souvenirs in hand (how could I not buy something and support the Cathedral after that?), I headed back. Getting hungry and having it be my last night, I decided to treat myself, because I'm still worth it, and now is no time to be stingy. I headed to Gallagers Pub, for an insane burger with all sorts of things on it, including a treacle onion jam. Totally satiated I headed back to my lodging for a pint, since it was also a pub, I knew there was a reason I stayed here again. Miraculously I was tired half way through my drink, and knowing I had to be up early, just headed upstairs. It is one thing to miss your tour, it is another to miss your flight home. So that's it, my last night. It wasn't crazy and wild, but really neither was much of my trip, so it all worked out.Read more


    welcome home!