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  • Day15

    Curio bay

    December 26, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

    Instead of going straight to bluff to get the ferry to Stewart island we went to curio bay and stopped at the mclean falls on the way. Curio bay was amazing, we saw trees that were 170 million years old, swam with hector dolphins in the wild and saw a yellow eyed penguin. The tide was really far out which meant we had a good view of the trees. The hector dolphin's were very curious and we could see them surfing down the waves. As soon as dad and I got in they decided to head down to the other side of the beach but they did come back up and swam about a metre away from dad and i, it was pretty cool. To warm up we went for a walk at another lighthouse and saw a couple of sea lions on the beach. As we didnt see the penguins near the nuggets we decided to go back to where the trees are to try and see the yellow eyed penguins. They had already come up the rocks but one decide to catch the last rays of sun. It was quite comical and trudged down the rocks to get a drink and then trudged back up hopping up any obstacles.

    Figure 1: McLean falls
    Figure 2: fossilised tree stump
    Figure 3: lighthouse
    Figure 4: sealion
    Figure 5: yellow eyed penguin
    Figure 6: waves crashing against the rocks
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