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  • Day16

    A kayak trip without devices yields ....

    January 15 in Costa Rica ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    ...incredible animal sights.
    Day was somewhat cloudy which was fine as running out of sunscreen. Attempt to use all 3 kayaks but the older one had a leak. Maddie and I continue on. Pass by first bay and head along coast. Spot schools of fish flinging themselves into the air. Have several sea turtle sightings. Spot fins which turn out to be dolphins who circle us. Head back along the coast to first bay and notice many splashes. Get closer and see 100s of rays ‘flying’ in the air and heading towards us. Follow them as they head back out to sea. And of course no way to document. Back to our shrinking beach. Attempt snorkeling again though all we find is a tiny yellow fish who follows us, staying very close and nibbling. Plenty of interesting wildlife in our houseRead more