• Day17

    Titicaca- highest navigatable lake

    October 28, 2016 in Peru ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

    Starting to get a bit behind in my blog, partly due to poor Internet reception (partly due to laziness )

    Left Cusco for the drive to Puno, a surprisingly large city on the shores of Lake Titicaca. The drive was an all day affair with a couple of stops along the way to visit some Incan ruins and a rather elaborate Sistine Chapel. Unfortunately we also stopped for a buffet lunch at a place that caters for bus groups etc. I say unfortunately because we believe half a dozen of our group contacted food poisoning resulting in vomiting and diahorrea including Brad, some worse than others. It took several days to get that out of their system, so probably this area does not hold particularly fond memories.

    Also along our journey we stopped at the place of the highest elevation we encountered...surprise,surprise , another market.

    Lake Titicaca is set on the border of Peru and Bolivia, and is the highest altitude lake in the world. It is also home to the Uros people who live on man-made floating islands made from reeds. It was an interesting tour after finding out how they made the islands we had a look inside the simple houses. Our local had us dress up in their very colourful attire - a bit of a hoot! Of course, there were handicrafts for sale.

    Interesting place but it was a long way to go to visit. We flew out of Juliana, about an hour from Puno, not a very nice looking place, to Lima (1 night), then Quito (1 night), before embarking on our Amazonian Cruise (next blog)
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