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  • Day8


    March 11 in Egypt ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    We visited the Temple of Edfu today making our way there by horse drawn carriage. I kind of felt sorry for the poor little horse as they are quite skinny and they probably go back and forth several times a day, a distance of 2 or 3 km each way. The temple is made of sandstone and dedicated to the falcon god Horus.

    Then we cruised onwards to Kom OmboTemple which is an unusual double temple dedicated to Sobek, the crocodile god and Horus, the falcon god. There is also a museum with mummified crocodiles.

    It is getting to the point where we have seen the extent of temples. These two were quite magnificent, but compared to some of the others like Karnak temple they were a bit ordinary.

    Tomorrow we visit the Abu Simbel temple which should be a really highlight.
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